MLK – A special meaning at this time

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. Ahmaud Arbery. Nina Pop. These are only the most recent of too many tragic deaths as this world grapples with centuries of racism.

The Regenbogenchor München reaffirms its solidarity with the Black members of the musical and international community. We also realize that our core values of diversity, empowerment, and creativity must be further strengthened with a pledge to fight racism and discrimination within our society and the world of music .

Virulent racism and discrimination spans centuries, and no single message of support and solidarity can do justice to the challenges that lie ahead. In the end, inclusion is not a statement in an email or on social media. It is an ongoing conversation towards action; it’s work we must embrace every day, as individuals, as an organization and as a society.

The RBC is committed to doing that work. We will do it through the artists we support and through singing their songs. We will do it by finding and sharing resources about anti-racism, anti-discrimination and bias. And we will do it through seeking, welcoming and empowering all voices in all parts of our societies.

Today we share a performance of “MLK (Martin Luther King)”, written by U2 and arranged by Bob Chilcott, which we gave in 2018 and which we feel has special meaning at this time.